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Сделал заказ на этом магазине, указал свой (украинский билинг), шипинг - ШФ
только что получил письмо, даже и не знаю что ответить. Народ, у кого какие мысли?
Thank you for your order with Gemplers. Before I am able to complete this order please provide the information requested below.

1. Will the items remain at the ship to location? ___YES ___NO
2.If the items will be exported beyond the shipping address noted on your order, please provide the following details to ensure your export documents are properly completed:
a. Company name / end user where products will remain outside the USA:
b. Complete physical address where the items will remain:
c. Contact name and phone number of person receiving items at final destination:

Once I have this information I will update this order and you will receive an order confirmation within 24-48 hours.

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