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В первые покупал и мне прислали такое вот письмо на отзыв то

Sorry to inform You that your Karmaloop Order No: 6399318 has been canceled,
There are a few reasons why an order will be canceled. there was a duplicate order, the order was
submitted without proper information (i.e. address, name of items)
you failed to respond to the request for verification of pay pal payment, or the item you ordered was out of stock.

If there was an authorization done to your credit card it will drop off in 2-3 business days.

Please Contact our Customer Service at 4083166242 Immediately If you want to process the order
or any questions regarding your order
Customer Service
Hey Matvey,

We are very sorry but the item you ordered, Longevity Crewneck Sweater - Black/White, Black, Extra Extra Large, F201210C-HALKB-1-XXL
from invoice # 6399318 is currently out of stock. Occasionally this happens when there is a glitch in the system We try hard to bring you the best gear on the planet but from time to time this happens

YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED FOR ANYTHING THAT IS OUT OF STOCK. and any authorization that was done for the original amount will drop off in 2-3 business days; we DO NOT charge the card until we ship out.

Your invoice has been adjusted (if you only had one item the order has been canceled)
and you can view your new invoice by logging into your account with us here on the site:

Is there anything else similar that you would be interested in? Check out, and see what else we
have to offer.

***Keep in mind that if you have been issued a tracking number via email you can track your package online ***

Thanks for Shopping at Karmaloop.

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Пишут что "Longevity Crewneck Sweater" нет в наличии, его убрали из заказа, деньги за него брать не будут. Если кроме свитера в заказе ничего нет - заказ отменен полностью.Деньги разблокируют в течение 2-3 дней.
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